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As I am using the CPF filter on my 990 for some time, I have some comments:
First the claimed hp's can be verified by me. Only the filter is giving something between 8-9 hp's and with some extra tuning with Tuneboy I am now in 11,3 hp's more compared to stock. So the filter works and my bike rips more than ever.

About the fitting issue, I have the same issues. This is the most problematic airfilter I've ever owned to be fitted as it is a PITA to get aligned. If I get one tab to match up with the fastener, the other is not aligned and vice versa. But I think the whole problem lays on the left side on the baseplate where the filter is locked down to the base trapped under this 'lip' on the filter. It's really hard to get the filter far enough to the right side under this locking lip, ie get the filter enough to the right side. If you can do that, the tabs aligns much better. So in the process the vendor mention with alignment done with some machines, I am pretty sure the filter frame and the base match up perfectely, but when trying to install it, it will be positioned slightly to the left side making the tabs to be mistaligned slightly. I have been thinking about using some heat to raise this 'lip' a bit to get the filter more to the right side, but then I am a bit worried if I will loose downwards clamping force and filter not so tight against the base. Hmmm.....

So to CPRFAB: This is a fact and I have used plenty of time in my garage trying to find the best and quickest method to fit it. It's not easy and some swearing is involved every time. Your product is doing the job in excellent level, so I am a happy customer. I just wish it could be a bit simpler to install it as bringing a spare filter for longer trips (if headed to very dusty conditions) is not an option like it is now. I can get over and live with it and therefor I have not contacted you about this 'issue'. I have the new updated baseplate and using the prefilter if needed. Breather hos vents outside the box.

Just wanted to give some verification to the OP and some others that there are others also with the same issue.

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