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so the three of us left our race camp eary arvo... followed the race track into town via the
now deserted pits areas.... and gunned it out the 120 odd km back out that
shitty sand covered road to Old Andado.. and then kept going north..

the track largely ran parallel to the dunes and was in generally pretty good shape...
after 54kms, we hit the turn-off heading out east to the rare stand of acacias...

and so stopped and re-grouped..

From memory, Aub gunned it out for a look, Gra and i continued north to get a few more km's on the board before dark..
and hopefully find a decent camp as there hadnt been much the last 50 km's...

after re-grouping again, it was definately time to sort a camp... Aub went off ahead, and Gra and i checked a few options
over the next few km's...

wasnt long and Aub returned..

reconed he'd found a pretty good spot... Gra and i had nothin nearby so we headed off another 10 or so km to our
home for the night...

far enough off the track and behind some scrub so not to be seen and nestled into a dune protecting us from the westerly winds

firewood was collected, tents set...

the seting sun started bringing out the rich reds..

i sat on the dune and watched the sun set..

and then headed back down to camp for a couple of beers, a good feed and a much mellower night of banter...

everyone was pretty buggered after the last few days, but i recon we still managed to stay up later than you'd think..

but in the end it was a bike shot and off to bed after another great day....

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