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Originally Posted by BigMike40 View Post
This is probably an ignorant question, but can I ask why you couldn't just take a 690 frame and drop in an RFS engine? Or just use an RFS bike and strengthen the frame and subframe?
Hi Mike, I am sure JMo can....will explain this better but this project is to achieve a bulletproof, low maintenance incredibly strong motor that is within the 450 limit for participation in Dakar. By reducing the CC of the motor down to 450 you end up with a bottom end, valve train, clutch and gear box that was engineered for greater power/torque and is now working within only .......... (insert figure) percentage of its designed/proven capacity. The only possible penalty of this endeavour is the weight of building in all of this redundancy. Knowing that you shouldn't need anything more than a filter change every night, a change of oil every few days and a check of the valves on rest day would in my mind be more of a weight off my mind than an extra few kilos low down on the bike. A worthwile tradeoff I believe and I wish JMo all the best in nailing this project.
The other options you mentioned have been done to death previously and run a lot closer to their maximum designed serviceability (often beyond), hence requiring stupid amounts of maintenance and inevitably a number of spare engines for a 14 day event. Luis on his 150 two stroke is obviously at the exact opposite of this project but as painfully demonstrated for us all to follow and enjoy he has a finishers medal to show for his chosen solution to the hardest event on the planet. Luis on a 125 for Dakar '14?
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