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Originally Posted by Bokrijder View Post
Noshoes -- I might think about some other issue than temperature. I've got pre-ferment retarding in the frig. with more bounce than that.
Radish sprouts - no idea on that addition, but you can't just throw anything in a dough and expect predictable results. Mentioned this is your first go with no-knead, probably better to save any experimenting for later.
You mentioned being behind schedule with the timing -- over ripened and collapsed ??

Definately not my first go with noknead. I've made a loaf weekly for most of the last year, (cept during summer). The sprouts are the first time I've used a fresh unroasted vegatable. Also first time I tried a quick soak of the veg, then used that water as the dough water. Also first time I added the veg into the flour. Before I've added, like roasted green chilis, or roasted garlic, during a later fold. Plan A, was I made the dough around 3 PM, put aside, then got up for work at 5 AM, the dough had expanded somewaht, so did a fold, and was gona be back by noon to toss in the oven. I didn't get back until almost 4, and the dough looked the same as it did after the 5 AM fold. No rise. The sides of the bowl didn't indicate a rise and collapse. Just no activity since the morning. But like I said, still tastes good. I'll chauk it up to experience.
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