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Originally Posted by 640 Armageddon View Post
The tower held fine in the 24hrs Rally Raid, but the engine gave up go figure
Here it is

What I need to put is vibration dampers everywhere and make sure the aluminium sheet is bent to a proper workshop. The aluminium developed cracks when they bent it. These cracks propagated because of the vibrations... It did not fall apart, but as Pete640 and others have told me, I should have welded these cracks. No time at the time (with only one week left to race) so I did my best to sort out the electrics. Now the bike sits on the garage, waiting for a donor engine, I have time to correct everything that was not right in the first version and redesign it for the next Rally
That was the point from the beginning. And I dont mean the engine failure ! I wanted to test the tower in order to get a product out at the end because I am sick of not finding products for the 640... First a Tower. then a nice bash plate, then a Roadbook a rally fairing and whatever inmates here ask for ...
If you don't know this allready, you should be aware, that the aluminium cracking when bend(t)? isn't necessarily the workshops fault. To bend aluminium without cracking, it has to be fairly new, (as in newly manufactured). If it has been stored for a longer period, something happens with it. I don't know the details about it, just that it needs to be "fresh" for bending it...

Excellent work with the bracket, and good looking designing with the bashguard. It looks GREAT
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