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Originally Posted by jgas View Post
If I did this, the trailer would have to be built for me to lay down on, stable, narrow, and tough. It would need to be close to the bike so I could turn around without unhooking on roads and wide trails. My goal would be to pull it behind my DRZ in all but the hardest singletrack. I would need to be able to pull it into some really tough spots without crashes or breaking it. My dream trailer would be long enough for me to use it for a camper after I unloaded it. Maybe have a small lightweight rack that I could drape a tarp over and lay inside of for camping, then take it apart or fold it all up for riding. It would need to have a lightweight detachable frame that could be put together to lay on for sleeping and stay off the ground. The frame could theoretically be mounted lengthwise or crosswise to the trailer. My ideas far outstrip my ability! I would like to have a brake on the trailer, and I think that one wheel would be better than two, maybe with outrigger tires like training wheels that only touched the ground when going slow or turning around.

If someone could build this and market it cheaply it would make a fortune! Or sell easy to use plans for the do it yourselfer. Some of the ones I've seen here look great but I'd want to somehow try various ones before copying one to make sure it worked for my uses. I'm probably the only idiot that would even try to ride singletrack with a trailer, but it sure would be cool! I have seen bicycle trailers that hardcore off road guys pull with Mtn bikes. One guy has ridden all over Colorado pulling a trailer with a bicycle.

Has anyone tried pulling the trailers from the top of the bike, attached to the subframe or rear rack area? This would put the trailer at an upward angle so that it wouldn't drag, give it cornering clearance, and bring the trailer tire/tires closer to the bike. It would also keep the trailer from being affected by the swingarm moving up and down. On most bikes the subframe/rack area would have to be modified to hold up to the stress, but that would be pretty easy compared to designing the trailer I'd think?

Anyone thought of making the trailer tire, (the singletired ones), so that the tire/wheel actually leans with the bike? It would keep the trailer tire's contact patch constant and the trailer should follow the bike better.
Go back and read through the thread. All single wheel trailers lean with the bike.
As far as sleeping in it, that would be a big trailer. Just throw a fold up cot and tent in the trailer.
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