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Originally Posted by CJBDRdude View Post
I disgree with your Honda comment. The XR650 is MUCH more dirt worthy than the DR650 will ever be! I'm not much of a Honda fan, but if I was to buy a Jap Dual Sport in the 650 size again.. it would definitely be the Honda.

In my opinion, Suzuki should take the much loved (but really outdated) DR650 and make it more like the heavy Kawasaki KLR 650 which also has its 'cult' following. You know, bigger gas tank, lower to the ground, heavier than an ox - more pavement oriented still. I have buddies that own KLRs and weren't happy when Kawi went 'more street' with their latest DUAL SPORT design. I also find the guys that ride the KLRs/DRs(for the most part) don't ride offroad as much or as aggressively as the crowd riding KTMs, Husky, GasGas and Honda XR650s! As a TRUE dual sport the perfect bike should do both equally. True??? There is NO perfect 50/50 bike. So the way I view it - The KLR/DR crowd prefers mostly pavement/dirt road stuff and the KTM, Husky, Honda XR crowd prefers the mostly true offroad stuff!
I put almost 5k miles on my DR the first year I owned it, about 1500 of that offroad. After 5000 miles I made dirt specific modifications and my experience is that the DR650 and the XR650L are slightly different shades of the same bike (same size engine, same size forks, both 5-speed trans, within 20 lbs of each other which may be even closer considering wet weights). Or, maybe you were talking about the older XR650R (non-street legal)? Are you sure your DR650 isn't a DL650?
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