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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
As a sound recording pro ... I agree. I've done many many similar rants on ADV ... most riders just ignore ... if falls on "deaf ears" .

Everybody has an excuse, like, "... plugs are too uncomfortable", " ... they don't fit my ear canals". "... too expensive". " ... too much trouble to put in and out". Yada Yada. Got an issue? Get a tissue!

As you say, hearing loss is no joke. And yes ... it's the low freq buffeting from wind noise that does damage to the tiny Scilia around the ear drum. First you loose ability to hear high frequencies ... makes understanding speech in a noisy place hard. Goes downhill from there.

So easy to protect your hearing. At least wear them on long rides ... and learn how to insert them properly .... many riders do it wrong.

Agree with eveything you say, just wish i had listened(forgive the pun) years ago, now i have trouble hearing even normal conversations.How do you put them in right out of interest.
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