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Originally Posted by btblueskies View Post
I just took the the MSF course this summer and several of the exercises were to stand up and use your knees as shock absorbers on rough roads or when encountering obstacles.

In addition, it was taught in the Adv Riding Course to 'STAND UP' as it increases ability and visibility and stability.
The MSF course teaches you to stand while crossing over an obstacle(2x4, etc) in one exercise and it's just to get across the obstacle, not continue to stand.
(ADV riding, as in off road?) yes, you may want to stand in that situation but it's off road...

Originally Posted by ddlewis View Post
We've been round this before. The law in Va says something about riding only on a seat attached to the bike..

However MSF instruction and the dmv motorcycle handbook advise standing when riding over rough surfaces. So there's some wiggle room.

I'd look up the laws and what is said word for word in the manual and in the MSF instruction and argue it in front of the judge. Clearly the roads are rough around VCU.

Jerky cop for giving you a ticket.. I've only heard of warnings, never a ticket until now. lucky you!
From the VA. DMV handbook...

Body Position
To control a motorcycle well, your body must be in the proper
Seat – Sit far enough forward so that your arms are
slightly bent when you hold the handle grips. Bending
your arms lets you turn the handlebars without having
to stretch.
Uneven Surfaces and Obstacles
Watch for uneven surfaces such as bumps, broken pavement,
potholes, or railroad tracks. If you have to ride over them, or
obstacles such as a piece of tire tread or tailpipe, here’s what
you should do:
If time permits, slow down to reduce the jolt.
Make sure the motorcycle is straight up.
Rise slightly off the seat with your weight on the foot
pegs so you can absorb the shock with your knees and
Unfortunately it is illegal to stand on the pegs...
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