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CRF250L Abbrev. Table

cool Guru, Here's an abbreviation table taken directly from the Helm service manual, weather it helps or not, I figured this is the place to add it while it's fresh, Feel free to edit or do whatever to it:

CKP sensor =Crankshaft Position sensor

DLC =Data Link Connector

DTC =Diagnostic Trouble Code

ECM =Engine Control Module

ECT sensor =Engine Coolant Temp. sensor

EEPROM =Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EVAP =Evaporative Emmission

IACV =Idle Air Control Valve

IAT sensor =Intake Air Temp.sensor

MAP sensor =Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor

MIL =Malfunction Indicator Lamp

PAIR =Pulse Secondary Air Injection

PGM-FI =Programmed Fuel Injection

SCS service connector =Service Check Short connector

TP sensor = Throttle Position sensor

VS sensor =Vehicle Speed sensor
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