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Originally Posted by DriveShaft View Post
Hmm...that's interesting. I just switched to Science Diet, after spending a bunch of time switching around between a few brands--some "natural," and some not-so-"natural," trying to find a seniors formula that the dog wants to upchuck. All I give a damn about is that it's reasonably tasty to him...reasonably healthy, not upchucked, and reasonably easy to clean up after. Pretty much the same criteria I put on myself (I have noooo qualms eating highly processed junk food, and I friggin' love pig knuckle, pig ear, intestines, and all that other crap we eat in Asia that nobody else wants to eat).

I'll be paying attention to the blood tests on the next vet visit.
I don't know if you'll see anything that quick and you might never see any blood related issues, but science diet is a corn based food. I wouldn't recommend it based on that issue alone.
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