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what a bunch of bull...the only thing for sure is the closemindedness and such FACT statements like above...

only true 50/50 dualsport is one model bike made by suzuki? thats over 20 years old...

man...we got to travel more and see more before saying stuff like that...

lastly it makes me LAUGH so much when somebody on such a similar bike class says something like my dr is eons better than your klr, or my klr is better than your xrl...they all are OK, and suck more at one thing than the other!

geeze guys...get a grip

I agree with the posts maybe 5 or 6 up that say that its not the WEIGHT so much that has been gained, but bikes nowadays are more refined and purpose built...

the weight if in fact it has been gained has been offset for the most part with better power and better brakes...

there are only a few old school bikes out ther(yes to the xt and tt of old) that are as light or lighter than a similiar ccd bike today.


have a hoot guys
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