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Yeah old school cobblers they should learn the new tricks. Not many left around here, my friend has been picking up so much old equipment you should see his basement. Nothing all that good, mostly worn from many many years of use and no repairs.

Yes took a pair of boots to one of them old timers and no he said, no glueing that. Same answer the guy who gave me them boots got at another old timer. Maybe I should have saved them and taken them to my friend, he is "new style", only been a cobbler for 30 years but he is 3,000 miles from me.

But thanks, I'll do the hot toddy with Powers and.......Maple Syrup I got from my friend the cobbler, had a little taste degustation in his basement stash last time I was there. He was trying to give me lots of that old eguipment at the same time but I sure took the "private reserve" maple syrup.......

Maybe look up if the trade is still teached in Ireland like it is in Quebec.If there is such a trade school they may be able to hook you up with someone keeping up with the new adhesives technology. New stuff that came out in the last 2-5 years such as flexible CAs. I think I'll get my friend to send me a bottle with that new pair of safety shoes I have to order from him.
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