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Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
CPR guy, I'll volunteer here. Just send me the setup for my 950 SM, and I'll do an install and tell you if there are any issues with it.

You're welcome.
Actually, I'm probably going to buy one of these in the near future. I'm pretty thorough in my install, and I tend not to beat things into place, or hammer shit up. I like your approach to keeping your customers happy, most of them anyway.
We certainly try. We usually stay far away from forums for numerous obvious reasons. They can be a double edged sword depending on what keyboard commando is behind the turret. We got involved here because it was easy to deduce that a simple phone call is infinitely easier than multiple uploaded photos and a title like "Poor sealing" rather than the obvious, "Am I doing this correctly?". Ultimately we take it as an accomplishment that there is conjecture. If we had sold only one, no one would be talking so I guess we should smile about it. Our numbers speak for themselves and all of the comments posted about our product that we advertise our site were not elicited, rather sent to us from genuine satisfaction of the Rottweiler System. We had a small number of issues starting out, spent a ridiculous amount of cash to make a better product and then upgraded everyone for free. We stand behind our product. Period.
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