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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
What "FAQ" exactly is christian referring to? It sounds like a feature request and not the Wiki FAQ Page that describes how to do things that actually are implemented today? I'd like to add my vote there for this feature.

Meanwhile I'm looking for a workaround. If you have several Favorite Tracks but you don't currently want to see them, can you move them from Favorite Tracks to Archived Tracks (where for me they stay hidden)? Then just pull ONE track from Archived at a time to Favorite so it will appear every time you turn on the power?

The downside I suppose is that you have WAY TOO MANY Archived Tracks so it would be hard to find the specific one you want. But other than that does this work?

(Again my issue is when I turn on the power, every Favorite Track will show on the map and you have to go into each one and set it to Hide On Map.)
Christian is talking about my Wisdom and FAQ thread, not the Wiki. And you're right, that is DRTBYK's wish list as presented in the Wisdom and FAQ thread. But his list includes suggestions made by a number of people so it's not really his wish list alone.
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