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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
Loving my Ferdi battles last night, but various team-mates did not. Cat-calls of "camper", "nub", and "worthless" (despite damage scores in the thousands, but no kills on the public screen) abounded. Skid and BB and I had a good laugh over it, but it's a little surprising that players in the Tier 8 bracket have so little understanding of how a power TD ought to be played, and how to play it on various maps. One I hung back on, was critical to our survival as a flank caved and 2 big bad guys came screaming down the east slope of Fjords and I popped their heads from the arty peninsula. Surprised the shit out of them, but team members called me a worthless camper.

El Haluf, I'm sniping across the way all battle long, and near the end, a friendly A-20 or some such, platooned with a dead guy who was spending all his time insulting me, fired a shot into my back as I was positioning for whatever was coming over the hill next. He was my first intentional team-kill in months, but the little fucker had it coming. Couldn't let it go, either, opened a private channel to me and started raging after we were back in the garage.

Some people, I just don't understand.
It drives the little fuckers insane when you don't take their game seriously.

I make a point of doing the dumbest shit possible when they start with the chatter.

One of these days I will cause one of them to have an aneurysm. I just know it.
I like cold wet doggy nose in my crack.
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