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Didn't mean to sound like an ass with my post but maybe did. I've switched pretty much 100% to low temp ferment/ rise. Couple of reasons - I like the flavor nuances achievable and we keep our home winter temperature at 62.
Maybe others have worked with raw radish sprouts and have some insight, but wouldn't surprise me if there are compounds or enzymes which may not be dough friendly. Congratulations on experimenting, that's where it's at !!
If radish isn't the culprit, I'd still lean towards timing. Maybe rise and fall of activity level would be a better choice of words than rise and collapse. Most of what I know about bread making has been through observation and experiment, what I see and try to put into words, may not match up with what you read and try to envision. I've definitely learned that wet pre-ferments have a sweet spot.
Ha -- I partially pooched a 6 loaf batch of rustic, yesterday. Was kneading with a dough hook, dough was coming on point, got distracted - Damn, caught it as it was just beginning to break.
Good luck !!


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Definately not my first go with noknead. I've made a loaf weekly for most of the last year, (cept during summer). The sprouts are the first time I've used a fresh unroasted vegatable. Also first time I tried a quick soak of the veg, then used that water as the dough water. Also first time I added the veg into the flour. Before I've added, like roasted green chilis, or roasted garlic, during a later fold. Plan A, was I made the dough around 3 PM, put aside, then got up for work at 5 AM, the dough had expanded somewaht, so did a fold, and was gona be back by noon to toss in the oven. I didn't get back until almost 4, and the dough looked the same as it did after the 5 AM fold. No rise. The sides of the bowl didn't indicate a rise and collapse. Just no activity since the morning. But like I said, still tastes good. I'll chauk it up to experience.
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