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Originally Posted by acesandeights View Post
Yep, you've got more years experience with the bike, more miles with the bike, and a VStrom to compare. My experience is very different than yours. I agree they are not in the same league as a KTM, Husky, GasGas or BMW. I would consider them in the same league as an XR650 though, and more of a "true dualsport" than most KTM, Husky, GasGas or BMW, which is the title of the thread.
The BMW's are pretty good "true" dual sports, so I would not include BMW's on your above list. I'm talking about the original F650 Dakar's, G650's, X Challenge and such.

The F and G BMW's are about 60 lbs. heavier than a DR650. The X Challenge is the same dry weight (or close?) BMW's are good on pavement but the DR has the advantage over BMW's off road, in my experience.

Originally Posted by CJBDRdude View Post
You're missing my point. I didn't refer to the DR and V Strom being the same kind of bike. My reference was they both do well in pretty much the same area of riding> Pavement. The DR650 is a fantastic pavement bike and so is the Strom! The DR no matter what you do to it(In my opinion) will never be a decent offroad motorcycle. I learned that after 12 years of tinkering and tweaking trying to make the DR into an offroad bike.
I partly agree ... but for mild dual sport off road riding ... the DR650 does very well with reasonable set up.

I've made several trips to Baja on my DR650 and it really surprised me off road. Loaded up with 100 lbs. of gear on one trip ... cut that to 60 lbs. on later trips. Lighter is better (DUH! )

I put over 80K miles on my DL1000 ... made several trips to Copper Canyon and all over Mexico and Baja. Lots of off road (dirt roads) On the Strom you had to choose your off road routes carefully. On the DR ... not so much. But the DR still can't do knarly, steep, rocky, ass-kicker trails like Cry Baby Canyon (Baja) or AA Enduro level single track.

I've re-done my suspension on my DR ... helps a lot. Overall the DR650 with $1000 of mods, is IMHO, the best ADV travel bike on the market today; a true dual sport.
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