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Ah the old starter button, now I notice that this is not all it seems in Guzzi world, when I got my 70 Ambo I noticed when researching on the web etc, that my bike never had one, I mentioned it over on my thread here...
So I found and bought one from ebayland, and had intended to fit it at a later date. But, it would seem I had made a basic error, most of the info on the WWW, is from American sources, but my bike is an Italian home market bike, and as such has a few subtle differences, probably because they wanted to use up parts from older models.
My bike has a starter ignition switch, just like a car, turn it over and it starts no push button needed, if you look closely you will also see other things, rear light, seat pattern, carb clamps.

Wanna sell it? Mine is REALLY crusty and it looks like I'm going to have to cut it off the bars. The Allen head is stripped.
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