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Originally Posted by DriveShaft View Post
Blue Buffalo was a baaad move for my dog...Kept throwing it up all over the house. I felt bad for him, and eased him onto something else. I kept trying to find

I can't figure out why corn is a no no, but crap like apple and cheese are ok. True...dogs don't shuck corn. But they don't milk cows or harvest fruit either.
From comparing labels Blue Buffalo is way different from Blue Wilderness, their premium brand, which I use.

It's about proper nutrition. Giving dogs raw vegetables and some fruit like apples, gives them enzymes and fiber, plus unprocessed raw nutrients.

Processed GMO corn in dog food is used a filler because it's cheap, but it doesn't provide any nutritional value.

BTW, we have two apple trees in the back yard and the dogs totally harvest the apples

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