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Originally Posted by Beamer Pilot View Post
As we discussed in previous posts, once in a while you lose a friend…

Bob H and I go back a long way, late 70s, last time we met was in Inuvik NWT over Caribou stew and bannock a couple of years ago.
Crashed the Twin Otter in Antarctica, he is probably the most experienced pilot on type and in hostile winter environments. He died in one of our favorite aircraft type DHC-6. We spent many evenings discussing the qualities of that machine and arguing about best power settings and esker landing techniques. These were the best hours I ever logged unfortunately you eventually change types but Bob never did, he loved the North and the extreme South for that matter.

We all accept the occasional outcome associated with our profession but sometimes it hurts more and the cut goes deeper. This is the one time…

RIP Bob.

I have worked on those planes, and may have actually worked on that very airplane years ago. There is always a lump that forms in my throat when I hear about these incidents. It gets bigger the closer it is to home.

My condolences for to those who knew the crew.
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