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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
You would be amazed(saddened really) at what they will write reckless driving tickets for...damn near any moving violation can be interpreted as reckless driving in their eyes. It's a win, win for them as they can still reduce the ticket in court and still collect a good bit of coin.
If bastardbiker(BB) fights it(reckless is a mandatory court appearance) instead of pleading guilty they will probably reduce it to improper driving, which is what he should have been charged with to begin with. If you can show it was not reckless to be standing on the pegs then it can't be reckless driving. This of course all depends on what mood the judge is in that day.

It would still be best to at least talk to a lawyer if not hire one to defend you BB.
BMW Performance Center's Dual-Sport Foundations class teaches riding on the pegs as an appropriate way to ride some surfaces (e.g., named but unmaintained roads that are rough), not just as a way to cross a 2x4 or other "feature". Which raises the question: is it seriously regarded by the letter of the law as flat-out "wreckless" when it is taught as a useful skill?
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