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Originally Posted by Fatallybitten View Post
The comments about the risk of injury offroad with my gas cans on the foot pegs are all valid. It is one of the reasons I didn't go with the Pegpacker system. I read too many comments about the "Achilles" issue. I have had to put a foot down a few times with the gas cans on the rear foot pegs and so far, touch wood, have been lucky that they have all been off camber enough that my leg bounced off the relatively pliant gas can. For that reason I don't use either the hard panniers or the gas cans on footpegs when I am going into the rough stuff. For that I have a set of soft bags and simply strap a gas can on top of the luggage if I need added range. I have looked at the rotopax set up but haven't been able to justify the cost. Here are a couple of photos of my luggage options. I haven't ever used both dry bags because I haven't needed the capacity. I also have a camera dry bag that I use with the smaller Sealine bag when I want to carry two DSLR's. Later on in the year I added a CJ Racer rear rack which is a great platform for the luggage and Outdoor Research dry bags that strap to the top of the aluminum panniers to hold tent, awning, etc. so I can put up some shelter before unloading the rest of the bike..

Didn't mean to turn this thread into a luggage/gas discussion. So here are a few of photos more in keeping with the theme:

Cheer, David
David, glad to hear you are aware and prepared!
I only wish I can define if it will be a simple offroad/onroad ride or a rough ride before I start it... Most of the times I end in the middle of nowhere

BTW, I like this pic.
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