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Originally Posted by Grreatdog View Post
Different kind of technical down there. No rock bashing, no crazy several hundred foot drop offs or nightmare steep trails covered with softball size rocks. Same tight trees through. Did I mention no rocks?

But the trails down there are damn hard for sure. Axle deep energy sapping sand and mud full of roots and stumps, bushes that bite and red clay that is as slick as greased ice when wet.

Down south brush, briars and trees rather than rocks tear you up and zero traction wears out rather than terrifying drop offs and impossible climbs. And ditches. And mud. And ......

I have had the misfortune of experiencing both types. All I can say for Florida is it usually didn't hurt as bad when I crashed. Unless it was into a tree or yucca bush. Thought I would bleed to death from one of those yuccas.

Just thought it was a bit naive to state that one rider is better or more experienced than another due to geographic region.

Really depends upon where you are at. FL has very diverse terrain. Everything from gnarly rock strewn loose over hard to deep sugar sand and hidden Cypress knees. We also have palmetto scrub , cacti, lots of vines and areas covered in limestone boulders that like to hide until you fall onto one. We also have some areas with pretty good (for FL) elevation change. They tend to be sketchy as many were some type of mine at some point. The saw-grass is fun too! And yes, those yucca plants are no joke.


Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
My apologies to the true riders in Florida. But you have to admit, when you think of Florida, you think....flat.
True but that does not equate to a lack in technical riding. The FL on TV isn't the FL I grew up in. It's cool though man and glad you cleared it up.
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