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Originally Posted by Myway View Post
Next year: I like to see who is riding together at wp cp ass points
We know starting times, WP CP times. How can we make that visual? Any idea?
If I can find the time, I'd love to map the course again (with help from BlueBull and others). With that, we can have a Google Earth or Google Maps type map image, with the WP & CP exactly marked along the course. With a bit of creative programming, we can place rider icons on the map at the WP & CP when their timing shows they arrived there. Then, given each rider's average speed (based on previous stages and current CP/WP times), we could "predict" ahead where along the course each rider should be at any moment. In this way we could have a great visual representation of where each rider is, as well as what type of terrain they are going through at any given moment. In escence, we could follow the race as if each of us were in our own helicopter chasing riders. And we can do it even without ASO providing it!

New desert racing frontiers
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