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Originally Posted by CJBDRdude View Post
Maybe the DR & XR are 'slightly different shades of the same bike' in your opinion but not mine. I've ridden (not owned) a Honda XR650 and its a lot more offroad than a DR 650 will ever be - it or not! They may be similar in some areas, but ride them back to back..No WAY! and I'm a Suzuki guy! Its time to bring the old girl(DR 650) up to more modern standards(at least half way). No one one is telling you not to like your DR..Hell I liked mine ok, until I found theres better out there(For what I do).
This isn't about liking or disliking my bike. I've owned and ridden enough to know it's not my style to be infatuated by a brand or model. I've ridden the two also and just stated my experience is different than yours. I've actually owned or ridden a number of Japanese MX bikes and some Euro bikes. I've also owned and ridden sport bikes and cruisers. I didn't state my opinions as "FACTS" because they are opinions. Your FACT is actually your opinion. Seems you don't realize that.
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