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My apologies, I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad or not welcome at all, just pointing out things about ADVrider that will help folks get on throughout the forum. Staying relatively on-topic is a good skill to have around here, along with developing a good BS radar.
I do a whole lot both online and off to promote our sport to folks and enjoy helping out when I can. I turned to ADvrider many years ago with the same questions as a new member, and folks with more experience helped me out but also pointed me in the right direction as to where is best to ask certain questions, though they weren't as civilized in the good ole' days on ADV before all the fucking PC.

I think I will just start a thread like I was talking about, I'm not the police and don't want to be one, there's only so many hours in the day and this thread could be a full time job if I cared that much.
I do believe this thread has gotten too big for its own good in some respects when it comes to just discussing bolt-on parts, troubleshooting, tires, DIY, upgrades, packing, and the like. Lots of pages here to find that kind of stuff. LRP Adventurer stuff.
For LRP owners a new CRF250L Adventure Traveler thread that's very specifically laid out could be a good resource, especially with updates to the first post to index it, while this owners thread stays as more like what it is - the go to place for everyone to talk about the LRP or to ask actual owners direct questions since it's the place that many folks are coming no matter what the first post says.

Stay tuned.
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