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I need to tap into the wealth of knowledge on the site.

I sold my GS1200 a few months ago as Im having a hard time holding the bike up with my knees are going south on me. I need to find a lighter bike that I can still ride two up for, lets say 200 to 300 max a day. But mroe so local weekend rides. I wtill would like a bike that I can go out by myself and blast through some fire trails as well.

I have a buddy whom has an 89 Transalp with about 16k miles. I have yet to ride it with the wife, and of coarse plan to do so but I wanted to get an idea of folks whom have done it or are doing it now.

The other bikes I was looking at are the Tiger XC (still a tad tall but easy to handle) or a Scrambler. Although I really would like to buy used.

Ive had an 800 gs and did not like it at all. Also not a fan of the VStroms so that is off the list.

Any help would be appreciated.
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