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Originally Posted by bastardbiker View Post
Hey everyone! First I want to say thanks for everyone's input on the discussion of my ticket. And ESPECIALLY thank you for suggesting the motorcycle law firm. I have been in touch with them over the course of the day and have an appointment to talk to Matt tomorrow and show him my ticket. He said flat out that the ticket is total bullshit and they will represent me for free to "educate" the offending officer. He even said that they would get the head of the motorcycle safety foundation in VA (or someone like that) to testify on my behalf. Wow!

Working in my favor, there were railroad tracks near where I got stopped and some uneven pavement/potholes as well so I think I might be OK. I don't expect it to be altogether dismissed necessarily but I will be very surprised if I actually end up with reckless. I'll let you all know how the meeting with the lawyer goes, and again I can't thank you all enough for getting me their info!

In other news, I highsided the shit out of my DRZ today and snapped my friggin clavicle right in half. It separated almost an inch. Not fun. But what hurts worse is knowing that I'm going to be off the bike for about a month. Luckily the bike is totally fine except for some rash on the plastic. Definitely a bummer but talking to the lawyer has me in good spirits after all. It will be nice to have the upper hand in a courtroom for once! I might even get to see that overzealous officer feel a sense of shame and embarrassment! What a concept...

Love you guys. You all kick ass. And no, that's not the Percocet talking!

You sure your middle name isn't mayhem????

Know all about them busted clavicles. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

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