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Wow Hair,thank you for taking the time to share. That is all excellent advice.

I'll have to look into those Shark Fins for the brake disks.

Will look more into how my suspension is set when the weather turns and I can finally start riding it more. We were able to play a bit with the rear,but not much on the front. Being an XT,there's only so much you can do.

I have a decent skid plate and my luggage racks actually do a decent job of seconding as crash bars.It's also equipped with a headlight guard,but does need some proper moose guards instead of these little plastic brush guards. I also have a larger Clark tank,so gas won't be an issue.

I do have several years of motocross and Dualsporting under my belt,so I know not to under estimate the trail,but am pretty comfortable with my skill level of riding for this trip.But all good tips including the layering up as I won't be able to run electrics on the XT and I already told the Husband unit that we'll have to alot extra time to allow for plenty of photos.

Thanks again.
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