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Originally Posted by motorat View Post
i have been looking at the s10.
some questions.
does it run on regular gas?
is the stock seat good for 500 mile days?
is the stick windscreen good or is an aftermarket one required?
thanks...i'm too lazy to go back through all 1400 pages
Keep the Vstrom.

Rated for 91 octane, but some people do run reg w/o issues, unless it's hot and/or they flog it a lot.
No, not for most people, but if you weight 135 lbs, it might be ok for you.
Many, but not all, change or modify the wind screen situation.

Huh, then you should have gone over to the Super Tenere forum instead of posting in the vague and general ADV thread with 1400 pages. A lot more specific threads there.

Nah, keep the Vstrom. You don't want the heavier, uses more gas, more expensive Super Ten. You'd miss all that quality time oiling the chain.
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