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Originally Posted by dpetersak View Post
Yeah Jim, there's no dust cover on mine, although there was one with the KTM triple I bought. I'm assuming a dust cover pivots with the triple, since it's clamped between the bearing and the top triple clamp. On the rubber-mounts, the top frame rail is slightly higher than the top of the steering head, so it can't pivot. I can use a machine bushing to take up the gap, but now that I have the forks back on, the extra leverage reveals continued play in the steering head. I too wonder if perhaps the races seat further into the steering head than they do on the KTM, and the bearings are not able to seat into the race. If so, then yes, I will need to add some kind of spacer beneath the race. Thanks for helping me through the thought process. :-)

Or possibly a washer/spacer between the lower tree and the lower bearing??? I may be misunderstanding what you fitment problem is, but it sounds as though your bearing are bottoming out on the step in the stem and not seating into the races, causing the extra play. Shiming the bottom bearing up just a bit off of the lower tree will shorten the distance between the bearings and possibly allow the proper tension on the bearings and races I said though, I may be misunderstanding your fitment problem so disregard if this is not applicable.
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