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Originally Posted by atlas cached View Post
Are you suggesting a new page for each feature request to discuss potential work around's?
Well, no, not exactly, but I think that "workarounds" are an extemely powerful tool to avoid the frustration we all feel with this thing from time to time. I know I have increased my Montana's usefulness several times over by learning some of them, like just the subtle way naming conventions have of making lists more user friendly.

However, they are very hard to find, being buried in this thread way back, or in posts on the BC Forum, etc. I've forgotten dozens of them, even though my Word doc of clips from this forum is now 107 pages long and I haven't even updated it for months.

Perhaps an expanded "Tips and Tricks" section would be a way to collate a bunch of these.

BTW, I got out on the F650GS today for a short ride, the first since Dec.1st.....I feel MUCH better!
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