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Originally Posted by Myway View Post
Next year:

I like to see who is riding together at wp cp ass points
We know starting times, WP CP times.

How can we make that visual?

Any idea?
This would be great! A graphic representation of the riders on the ground, basically a one axis graph with the latest "Stage Hours" would be enough to understand at a glance who is riding with who.

Mischa already integrated the overall stage results graphics, I am sure he could produce something like that for "Stage Hours" that would represent "riders on the ground". The thing is that he does if for free, he should consider charging something for advanced features.

Anyway, after these graphs, the next step would be to animate them ! An animated version (depicting the staggered departs at DSS, and the stage hours at each WP and CP, ending with Hours at ASS would be a fantastic way to understand how a stage went.
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