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Originally Posted by ServoJockey
Bring home new to me F650. Park in driveway on sidestand. Tell (my) 5 and 7 year old boys playing in yard, "Don't touch the bike, I will give you a ride in a couple of minutes." Go in house to relieve bladder pressure. While finishing up, 7 year old comes in house and proclaims, "Daddy, the motorcycle just fell over". 5 year old is in driveway trying to pick up bike.

The rest of the story; the door to the house wasn't even closed when the 5 year old started climbing on it, from the right side. We are lucky he was not hurt when the bike fell. In retrospect, I should have told them to climb all over the bike, then they wouldn't have touched it.
Now I always put it on the center stand. And the boys don't touch it unless they ask.

This is a lot funnier when I think about it now. My 5 year old, now 9, doesn't like to talk about it.
HAHA I remember gingerly climbing on my dads CL175. Didn't crash it but I was scared. My 950 reminds me of that, since I can't really touch the ground on the 950 either.

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