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Well, here's some semi technical stuff for other CRF owners. I was thinking about an LED taillight bulb. Ended up taking off the silly bracket and reflectors that hold the lisence plate more vertically...ended up taking the rear mud flap off to get at the screws....Grrrr...Oh crap...nasty "Japanese Phillips" screws....and the sumbitches were tight as hell...took vice grips to get them loose. Replaced 2 of them with M8 hex head washer head bolts...the 3rd one was a big head shoulder screw....nuts....dug thru my scrap bins...found one of those funny "top hat" washer sleeve things that keep you from crushing the rubber vibration thingie...filed it to the appropriate height...DONE!

BUT, that leaves the lisence plate light that has the silly plastic spacer under it...took all that apart..CRAP..nope...gotta keep the stupid spacer.

Soooo...why am I telling owners all of this. Those screws were stupid tight...without the right tools onboard...can't repair a blown taillight bulb...and I've had nice policemen tell me..."fixit or get it towed". So, do it now, in the relative comfort of your garage, with a fine adult beverage at hand.

AND...NO...I don't want to spend $100+ to save a pound or so replacing that light assembly.
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