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Wet wood = surgery

It all happened so quickly, one minute, my brother and I am enjoying a nice ride on some gravel/dirt mountain roads in NC, then.... well let me start from the beginning. Friday morning rode my Harley to the Husky dealer in Miami in a driving rain storm, my good buddy driving my truck behind me. Couple hours later after saying good by to my trusty (but boring) Harley, I load up a brand spanking new Husky TE250, completely uncorked and ready to tear up the dirt with haste. The next 12 hours were spent driving to Blue Ridge Motorcycle camp ground in NC to meet my brother. Spent a great day Saturday exploring the numerous fire roads on Saturday, spent at least 10 hours in the saddle.... great time. Sunday the temp started at around 50 and dropped all day with a steady rain... we would not be denied.... we were riding. Rode several hours trying and failing to stay warm, but no matter, we were riding - to hell with the weather. One section was particularly enjoyable... multiple switchbacks, steep climbs and drops and this lovely wooden bridge over a beautiful river.... Crossed 99.9% of the bridge admiring my clear mastery of the new bike and the nasty trail conditions. Feeling evermore confident, I imagined a power slide exit from the bridge onto the immediate right hand turn. Well, suddenly, I found out that I'm not nearly as talented as I thought. A little throttle on wet wood and guess what??? the back tire loses traction immediately and decides the tail of the bike should lead for a while. After realizing what just happened as I'm laying in 3 inches of icy, muddy water, the pain begins. Thought I had a pretty bad groin pull, limped back to the camp ground and loaded up the bike. Back to Florida to get on with real life. Turns out, not a groin pull at all, but a torn labrum in my hip (no it's not dirty). I'm now six weeks post op and just getting back on a street bike. Not quite ready for the dirt, but at least I'm riding again. My big take away from all this is that Bon Jovi was right... slippery when wet. Can't wait to get back up to NC and do it all over again.

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