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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I had a VR6 Jetta, and didn't recall such issues with a chain. Of course, that was a while ago, and that car got badly hit at 40K mi., and I sold it.

But, obviously, you picked your van up at a very good price. Did she not run because the chain tensioner was having issues? Or, was it making nasty noises that scared the previous owner into dumping it?

The "tensioner" issue is pretty well known if you go look at vwvortex, EV_Update, etc. The plastic gets old and and breaks.

Some of the 99-00 VR6 Eurovans had an intermediate sprocket failure too.

The van I bought wouldn't idle and the VAGCOM showed the timing all over the place and had several timing related codes. So the mechanic diagnosed it as needing a chain. Basically it would smooth out at 3k rpm and run fine. They figured a tensioner had broken that allowed the chain to flop below 3k and then above that it would tighten and run right.m

I did my own research and diagnosis when I got it and agreed that it was timing related and "probably" a chain issue. When I took it apart the chains, guides and tensioners were all finer I replaced them anyway as preventative maintenance. It did not cure the issue so I took it back apart and dug into the cam adjuster pistons thinking they must be stuck. That is when I found the metal screen stuck in the intake cam adjuster piston. Which, cured the issue,
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