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I saw this , but I also thought I read somewhere there was a mesh version that was small enough to prevent water going through yet let enough air. The only mesh version I see now is for dust. I didnt look into it what so ever but if you have the seat off and maybe the battery out can you get your hands into the airbox , so the side cover remains intact, to seal it up with some grease or even a nice thick finger bead of silicone? I have great success with getting large beads of silicone off easily, it's when I use small amounts it becomes impossible glue. Grease in all the seams and gaps I would think would slow the influx of water. The top of the box is wide open if I recall. Like you Im used to rubber air boxes that squeeze onto the throttle body/carb and get a spring in the groove with a snorkle on top right under the seat. This is new to me as well so take what you will. My crossings altho deep have never been very lengthy. Maybe 100-200 ft. My uncle would just scream at me " GO FASTER, DONT STOP! " :)
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