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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
You know how dangerous that is, dont you.
You know I love going against the perceived wisdom. So quoting me is not recommended. Unless you want to get a reaction ...

Non traditional thinking is often unpopular. ... doesnt matter how much you prove it works.
You're going to get us both in trouble young man !!!
No worries, she's a reasonable girl, not a pigheaded teutonic! ,has an open mind and respect for those with "The Knowledge". YOU GUYS ARE the experts. Period.

I'm just throwing it out there to her ... what she ends up doing is her choice. I back the Sibirsky soft bag method 100% and have no problem defending that choice. I left hard bags behind decades ago for any sort of off road or mixed ON/OFF ride ... after the ones on my R100RS nearly crippled me.

Even just doing mild dual sport I prefer soft luggage. Some westerners are overly suspicious and paranoid in unfamiliar environs about theft ... they believe hard bags keep their stuff safe. Wishful thinking.
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