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I should have bought the watch....

Originally Posted by AKjeff View Post
What can you tell me about the one with Antarctica on the dial?
Make, model, story behind it, if known?
I am intrigued.

Yes, a nice collection of Russins....
or are they Chinese copies. yikes.

While I was stationed in Rota Spain, my crew chief seemed like he was 'always' sporting a new Russian watch he bought in the flea markets of Jerez or Cadiz. I could kick myself for not going on a prospecting run with him when i had a chance. smile.
We really ragged him about his Chinese copies. grin. Were they Chinese? who knows...they were cheap (1993-95) I recall they were less than $25, usually in the $10-15 range as I recall; could be wrong. shrug.

As a side bar note:
Jerez is also the home of the Spanish F-1 and Super bike races (hope I am saying that correctly) and I was to cheap to spring for the ticket.
Hold/hang head in shame....
During Super Bike week, it was a lot like Sturgis, loud, loud bikes, and all the trimmings.
Did you know the Europeans like their Harley's as loud as possible? head scratch.... Where did they get that idea?

Another interesting thing about Jerez Racetrack, you could ride the track for about $10 hour after your bike was inspected and you were 'qualified' = full race gear approved by the approvers.
Unfortunatly, that was during a time i was bikeless, but what the heck, I got to work nearly every day of the year.

This is what I missed; guess a guy could repent...

Long way to go for just a watch. Should take in the races as well.
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