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It's designed for a BMW X Challenge. Same thing (I think) that Colebatch used on his Sibersky trip. Super nice guy selling them from Lithuania, I ordered it and had it within a week.

This seller ( I think he;s the original) isn't selling any framework so lights are your own design.

There is another seller that I believe bought the molds from the original guy who is the one who set up Colebatch.

His setup uses Infiniti FX-R HID lights which are true projector lights. I have a pair from a previous project. I also have some 90mm Hellas that are HID but I think I am going to try and run the Infinitis.

I thought about buying the nav tower etc but he said it won't work and I'd be spending probably north of $500 on something I would have to modify. I know I can design one out to fit my bike exactly and have it cut and then weld it myself for WAY less so i decided to just buy the glass.

I really like the look of it, I have been looking for examples of rally fairing to copy for awhile now and when I saw this one I said that's the one. Cost me $307 shipped to my door but there is no way I could make one that nice even if I had all the time in the world. Some things are better to just pay for.

Here's one a inmate did an excellent job on his XChallenge

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