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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
good question. I waited too long to book my room so I'm not in your hotel. Not far away but worst case scenario is they find the camera and don't let me in. Then what? I won't have a car there. We'll have to come up with a game plan. I don't want to not bring it, but if I bring the camera and then get denied access I have to have safe storage for it like a car trunk. Cowboys statdium website lists the restriction of camera's and I would figure they make some attempt to enforce it. A camera/lens that size isn't that easy to hide. I wonder how Randy Johnson rates.
You know our room isn't far and we'll have a rental in the lot too.

I'm more concerned about sneaking some booze in.

Do they make any of those big-assed camera lens that are hollowed out to hold liquid?
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