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Originally Posted by hppyfngy View Post
I always forget that I go much more minimal when I'm boondocking, or camping in general, than a lot of folks. No kitchen appliances at all except the gas cook top. Battery is fine for occasional fan and lights and laptop.

My little Honda EU 2000i covers any other longer term needs. Would like to get solar going but not a real priority for me...

I'm wondering in this situation if a simple cooler with ice blocks, propane stove and heater, and deep cycle battery for lights and computers would keep you going for a 3-4 days?

My situation is dirtbikng in the desert for two days at a time then ski bumming four days at a resort in the parking lot. Soooo not hooking into 110v anywhere, in the desert shower with water and a towel and defecate in the bushes. Ski resort I need warmth and enough electricity to run my computer and lights for four days. I have ways to grab a shower and just make sure I take my shits during the day and pee in a bottle at night. What am I missing?
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