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MBA,... those kids are so cute.
when have they ever liked something that wasn't the newest thing you don't have yet and therefore need to buy? (they're almost as bad as Buycycling Magazine.)

i wonder what other criteria they could be judging on; they clearly don't seem to recognize any of the points that matter to us,...

Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
Couple of years ago MBA did a test on shifting. Thumb shifters came in a distant last. ...but what they don't say is you can feel where the shifter is and tell what gear you're in without looking between your legs. You can also roll your knuckle in and shift without using your thumb. ...AND... Friction mode! Bend that der hanger and you can still shift a few gears to get out of the woods without going SS.

All-in-all that new-fangled STI* shit is heavier, more complicated, and for off-roading less able to withstand abuse. I'll pass.

(*I have ridden it. I just don't care for it)
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