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AC/DC Dual Light Plan

Originally Posted by davek181 View Post
The blue wire is power, the headlight is grounded to the system and powered to turn on. That is why I suggested that as a relay trigger. No matter either way, a relay can be grounded to turn on also though I prefer the other way. I have seen in auotomotive applications where headlights are powered and switch on through grounding, though in my experience that method seems more problematic for some reason.
Mmk, here goes nothing.

So I drew up a plan:

So, more questions. Do the AC and DC side need to be grounded at different points? I believe the lighting coil ground goes to the frame (I have the Ricky Stator), should the DC grounds also go to the frame, or should I ground them to the negative battery terminal...? Not sure.

Thinking out loud here: the DC low beam should come on with the keyed ignition switch, and the power feed should be spliced in somewhere after the ignition switch (and therefore after the reg/rec and fuse). When the high beam switch on the handlebars is turned on, the AC high beam turns on, as well as make the electomagnet flip the relay switch and turn on the DC high beam.

Look/sound okay? Anyone with any experience with this think that I'm going to let the magic smoke out of my electrical system?
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