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Sorry to go off topic, but something has me wounder !!!

I seen a-lot of info on setting valves on many of the posts. Johnofchair from V Strom International sets his valves on his DL 1000 in the middle ground, and he does not have to touch them very often. I will chat with him towmorrow to see what his intervals are, My book suggests that I do mine at 15 000 to 18 000 kms, but I went past this mark to 22 000 kms, and I hope I didn't wreck any thing on my wee.

I run at 3700 to 5700 RPM's, but I don't run above the 6500 RPM range very offten. I have gone past this range, 3 or 4 times for short short stints, but I'm sure it never damaged any thing.

John said that the exshust valves seem to be the ones that need the most a-tention, and his in-take valves don't wear very much, so he sets them in this middle ground, and that way he can run a long time with out checking them on all of these intervals like the book says.

Someone asked about longevity of the V Strom, and we have one fellow who is past the 230 000 mile mark on a 2002 DL 1000. And he has many reports that he has posted from day 1. All the services and work overs. Oil changes, drive chains, sprockets, rear shock repair, brakes, a few bearings, and a few other small things. And he is still going strong with out any motor work except for valves.

From Jeathrow Bowdean in Western Canada PS: I will chat with John to see what he has to say about these valves. and when they need setting if a person puts them in this middle ground that he was talking about.
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