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Originally Posted by O.C.F.RIDER View Post
Thank you for putting up this post! It sort of bears out my argument that the other guy MAY NOT have been doing anything stupid, it seems, according to you (the ONLY one who knows!) that he was just riding along and BAM, bad luck rears it's ugly mother fucking head for not just him but the two of you. Everything in life is a matter of timing.
Glad neither one of you got hurt and you'll both ride another day!
As for the road department, I would think that's it's hard, if not downright impossible, to get each and every patch of sand off the road. Especially the ones that, as you stated, were very hard to see "when you were just standing there". I somehow doubt that the DPW guy's get out of the trucks and walk along the roads to make sure they get the roads "race track" clean. And WHY would anyone even expect that?

Did your bike get replaced yet?

Actually, the real problem was that both lanes of this road WERE "race tract clean" in both directions for 50 miles. I'd wager the other guy wouldn't have missed seeing the sand if there was a bit every fourth or fifth corner. Instead, he was faced with just this one passing lane where the road crew didn't take the trouble to make the necessary two passes. And yeah, got another bike: 1992 K100RS.
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