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Originally Posted by Zuber View Post
When you modify the map in the computer, like turning the SAI off, you must write the map to the ECU on the bike, then do the 15 minute idle.

If the Test and Adjust is dim or off, check that you are connected to the bike's ECU. You should see a green light in the lower RH corner of the computer screen.
Originally Posted by Vicks View Post
+1 on Zuber.

You need to download the map into the ECU. Simply un-checking the box will not achieve the results.

The test and adjust functions (the ones that are dark grey) need a "double click" in my experience (you need to be connected to the ECU, obviously). The light grey ones are prohibited/not allowed.
Thanks y'all! That makes sense; the program froze at one point, so I had to re-start it and when I did, the boxes that I had un-checked were re-checked. Duh. Ok, so I have saved the changes to the Akra map so now I should be able to do the fifteen min.....oh wait, I made the changes to the map, not the ECU. So I'll have to re-write the ECU with the changed map.
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