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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Thanks John.

Yes I've been watching Ebay auctions and noticing the difference in prices for decent small Class B's and how the smaller Class C's built on the same van chassis are a lot cheaper. Guess the easier parking of Class b's is the reason...or could be the reliability and stoutness of steel construction versus the cheap wall construction of the cheaper Class C's.. The Class C's offer more space and a cheaper price point however they make using it around town and storage a bit of a nightmare.

A shame Texas is that far away or we could definitely work something out. If anyone knows of anything within a days drive of LA keep me in mind. John thank you for the generous offer wish you were a little closer.

One of my concerns in reading this thread is that the motorhomes need to be kept running and not stored to maintain reliability. I only need it for four months per year using it about 4 days per week, then it will sit while I'm overseas which makes me nervous. One of things I don't want to do is spend weeks sorting it out once I land back in the states before heading off in it. Maybe it simpler to insulate and panel an extended van and use a propane cooking stove and heater and call it good.

If it wouldn't cost me another $2k to fly out and drive it home, I'd own this now
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